At ARTSVP we have put a lot of effort into making the booking process simple and stress free. In order to achieve this we reduce the amount of fields customers have to fill in to book.

However once the customer has booked there is an opportunity to direct them to further resources or even get them to follow you on instagram.

By customising the text displayed on the booking confirmation page, and adding a you can easily grow your following.

On average just over 30% of customers will click the custom button you put on this page.

Where does the custom call to action button appear?

You can see where the custom call to action button appears in this image.

image showing the custom button on the confirmation page

How to edit the custom call to action button?

You can edit the text and the destination url from the 'Edit section of any event'.

Screenshot of the form to edit the custom call to action button

Simply Enter the text you want to appear on the button in the field and the destination URL (including https://) in the second field.

To edit the message displayed on the confirmation page you need to go to the 'Customise section' of the event (You will find this in Essential section).

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