Invite links are a powerful tool allowing event organisers to target who can book certain events and provide the guest with a simple and easy to use booking flow.

Why generate a single invite link?

Sometimes it can be helpful to generate a single invite link when you need to invite a guest at short notice.

  • partners request an invite for one of their clients

  • internal teams want to invite a specific person to an event

  • small events where it is easy to just use single invite links to find out who is coming.

Video showing how to generate a single invite link

Do I need to add data to the invite link?

No. Adding data to an invite link is optional.

Why would I add name and email to an invite link?

This locks the invite to a specific person so only they can book. It also saves the guest time as they don't have to enter any details as you have done this for them.

When would I used the invited by field?

The invited by field is designed to make filtering bookings easy. If you have create several invites for a specific partner using the invited by filed allows you to easily filter these bookings at a later stage.

Why would I add metadata to the invite link?

Adding metadata in key:value pairs can be helpful for several reason:

  • Linking bookings with crm

  • Filtering bookings based on meta data

  • Tracking the source of bookings

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