Single invite creation

Creating individual invites is simple a perfect for smaller events.

When you create a single invite you can pre-fill guest details (name and email).

As well as improving the experience for the invited guest (who doesn't have to enter their name or email) to make a booking, the invite also can only be used by the invited guest.

If you decide not to add the guests details, the invite will only be able to be used once and after this the link we redirect to the booking confirmation page.

Find out more about single invite link creation here

Batch invite creation

Batch invite creation allows you to quickly generate many invite links. It is perfect for larger events where you want to create invites that you can mail-merge in a newsletter.

You can add meta data to the invite links and also include a "invited by" info which can later be used to filter bookings.

Downloading invites

Once you have created invites you can download then in a csv file. You can then use this to create a mail-merge or upload these links to your crm/mail-out provider.

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