Checking in guests at their arrival is super simple and quick.

All you have to do is open your dashboard (iPads are recommended for checking in guests), click on the 'Bookings' view, and simply check the checkbox with a single tap as visitors arrive. When someone is checked in the "tick" will appear green.

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Check-in Only members - access level for temporary staff and people helping on the door

We have created the 'Check-in Only' membership role for the staff that will be dealing with the check in at the door of your venue.

These members will not be able to add new bookings, download booking data or access event level settings, but will be able to:

  • View, search, and check in guests

  • View note on booking

Please see in the GIF below how to add a Check-in only member.

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Partial check-in

When a booking includes a group of people, you can use the partial check-in to track their arrival if they do not arrive all at once.

To do so simple click on a booking from the bookings view and then check in the number of guests that have arrived.

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  • Fully checked are marked with a green tick. You can check a whole booking in (and out) directly on the bookings view by clicking the tick.

  • Partially checked in are marked orange

  • Unchecked are marked grey

Adding guests' names

If the additional guests want to provide their name and contact details you can fill in their details at the door during the check in very easily, gif below.


Real time live check in across devices

All devices update automatically when a guest is checked in without the need to refresh the page.

CleanShot 2021-09-14 at 14.41.50.gif

⬆️ gif showing 1 browser automatically updating without refreshing

We believe the simplest way to check-in guests would be to use ARTSVP dashboards from iPads. Check out our blog to get some tips on How to improve your guests' experience with a smooth event check-in.

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