Allowing clients and visitors the ability to book appointments or tickets in advance provides value to galleries and venues in many more ways than one might initially expect.

Less time replying to emails and taking phone calls

The most obvious benefit is that allowing customers to book appointments or RSVP themselves saves the gallery or venue time handling email and calls asking if the gallery is open or if there is space at an event.

Prepare ahead for visitors

Knowing when you have bookings allows you to prepare. Whether that simply means being able to welcome someone by their name or prepare for a meeting with high value clients, having a heads up is extremely valuable.

Avoid queuing and spread visitor flow

Letting your clients and visitors know availability of appointments or tickets helps reduce queues forming.

Being able to manage capacity spreads visits across the day and allows you more time to focus on individual clients.

Grow mailing lists

On average 30% of bookings will agree to be added to your mailing list.

Provide feedback loop for marketing

Measure appetite for exhibitions and events and adjust marketing and PR accordingly.

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