ARTSVP makes it quick and easy to have a booking page set up in minutes. Before creating your page, make sure you've:

There are only 3 steps to getting your booking page set up.

Step 1 - Basics

Step 2 - Location

  • Location name

  • Location address

  • Location timezone

Step 3 - Settings (all optional)

  • Capacity: set up the maximum number of people your venue can hosts. The capacity will be unlimited if left at 0.

  • Tickets: configure your tickets name, description and price before creating your stripe account.

  • Mailing List: allow people who book tickets to subscribe to your mailing list. Find out more here.

Please check out the video or see below for the list of steps and customisations available.

Once the event is created you'll be able to continue editing further details such as:

  • Choose single slot or multi slot booking page

  • Add visitor information to the booking page (can include links to broader information)

  • Set grace period (to stop people booking on the spot)

  • Set booking slot frequency

  • Set repeatable opening hours (per day)

  • Set any exclusion or custom dates

  • Redirect links on booking confirmation (or to donation page)

  • Set booking notification email address

  • Create custom email templates

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