When a booking is made through ARTSVP we automatically send a booking confirmation. When a booking is made more than 36hrs before the start of an event or booking slot we also send a reminder email 24hrs before the booked time.

ARTSVP clients with Premium accounts can add custom text to these emails from the edit page.

Adding text

Adding text to the emails is straightforward. Standard formatting is allowed allowing you to add bold, italics, bullet points etc.

Adding custom text to transactional emails

You can also add links. This allows you to keep the email text concise and refer to other sources for longer text.

Example of using links:

  • Link to pdf with info about an exhibition

  • Link to a webpage with covid measures (saves time updating this in multiple places should they change).

  • add "mailto:" links to email addresses.

NB. always add the full url to links using https:// at the beginning. Using links with only http (no s) can lead to emails not reaching primary inboxes.

Adding images (currently not supported)

Currently we do not support adding images to transactional emails. Currently we recommend linking to images.

How the booking confirmation email looks

Custom text is added after the basic booking details.

Example of email with custom text
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