ARTSVP makes it quick and easy to have a fully customised booking page set up in minutes.

There are 3 steps to getting your booking page set up. Creating a location, adding information to the booking page and setting the availability/booking settings.

Please check out the video or see below for the list of steps and customisations available.

Step 1 - Create a location

  • Location name
  • Logo (For basic and above plans)
  • Location address
  • Location timezone

Step 2 - Create booking page with information that will be displayed to visitors

  • Title fo booking page
  • Basic visitor information (can include links to broader information)
  • Redirect links on booking confirmation (or to donation page)
  • Set booking notification email address
  • Create custom email templates (Premium plans only)

Step 3 - Set availability and booking settings

  • Choose single slot or multi slot booking page
  • Set repeatable opening hours (per day)
  • Set any exclusion or custom dates
  • Set capacity
  • Set maximum group booking size
  • Set maximum amount of group bookings (this can override capacity)
  • Set booking slot frequency
  • Set average duration of visit
  • Set grace period (to stop people booking on the spot)

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